Regional Seminar for Local Authorities and Professional Associations

Date : 07-08 March 2023
Beirut, Lebanon
Arab Trade Union Organization (ATUC), Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (BUSINESSMED)

The next SOLiD regional seminar is scheduled to take place in Lebanon on 7-8 March 2023.

During the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to explore in more depth the specific challenges related to their respective sectors and organisations in implementing the social dialogue process as a tool to ensure effective negotiations and work plans.

The seminar aims to provide a platform for stakeholders to come together, share their experiences and ideas, and develop practical solutions to the most pressing issues.

The event will be a two-day seminar with interactive sessions supported by experts to strengthen the role of local authorities, economic and social councils and professional associations from the six target countries in developing effective negotiations and recommendations on various issues outlined in the SOLiD Charter.

It will be an opportunity to support the efforts of the different stakeholders to find common ground on various challenges in order to build an inclusive and structured social dialogue and to ensure effective interaction with the main target groups (social partners and civil society organisations).