expert detail

▪ Ph.D. in Economic Anthropology,
▪ Labour Researcher and writer

▪ Member of the Coalition for Promoting Parliamentary Openness, Transparency and Effective Oversight.

▪ Founder and former President of the Social Accountability Network in the Arab Region

▪ Founder of the Article 13 Alliance to Combat Corruption in the Arab Region

▪ Member of the Governing Body of the Steering Committee for the Global Partnership for Social Accountability in the World Bank (GPSA)

▪ Member of the Steering Committee: "Building a rule of law society: to enhance of Democratic Governance and rule of law"

▪ Co-founder and publisher of Al Janoub newspaper

▪ Ex - Board member at MEPI – LAA

▪ Specialist in Sociology, Economic Anthropology and Urbanism.

▪ Certificate of International Trainer on Good Governance from Network of International Diplomacy of International Law and Human Rights (NDLH) – Norway.

▪ Acknowledgments from USAID - Lebanon to participate in a training workshop on institutionalizing monitoring and evaluation.

▪ Acknowledgments from USAID - Lebanon to participate in training on the M & E framework, standards formulation and benchmarking paper for performance indicators.

▪ Trainer Expert in the Access to Information and the principles of good governance and the promotion of transparency and anti-corruption, proposal writing, project management, human rights, campaign finance, Leadership, Capacity Building, Advocacy Campaign, Municipality Law, Strategic Plan, Participatory Budget, Read and Analyze Budget, Needs Assessment, Project Evaluation and Social Accountability in Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Jordan, Tunis, Egypt and Iraq to civil society organizations and anti-corruption bodies.

▪ Consultant and supervisor over Transparency project and Trainer, the launch of the Syrian Transparency network, and Transparency Conference in Syria, in collaboration with CCSD support by Hivos (2015)

▪ Public Relations and Grass Roots Manager in Lebanese Transparency Association (from 2013 till May 2015)

▪ Youth and Grassroots manager in LTA (from 2008 till 2013)

▪ Design projects and campaigns on Good Governance, Access to Information, Public Sector Reform, and Youth in Corruption, Electoral Reform and Transparency in Post-War Reconstruction.

▪ Supervise and conduct research on Transparency in the Budgetary Process and the National Integrity System Survey.

▪ Contributed to the drafting of the first annual Arab Anti-Corruption Report.

▪ Made comments to the Lebanese Ministry of Finance on its improving transparency initiatives in the framework of the partnership in transparency between the Ministry and LTA.

▪ Contributed to the work of Transparency International (TI) in the Arab Region.

▪ An expert in training to fight corruption and promote the principles of good governance and the promotion of transparency in the Arab region

▪ Supervise the implementation of the Youth Civil Society and Leadership program in
partnership with IREX.

▪ Team Manager field monitors for monitoring project financing of election campaigns of candidates for the parliamentary elections in 2009 and campaigning for candidates for municipal councils in 2010

▪ Field director for a youth project municipality to develop local community partnership with Mercy Corps.

▪ Field director for the project youth participation in the development of the local community "Mocharaka" in partnership with Mercy Corps (MEPI)

▪ Field director for the project youth participation in the development of the local community "Mocharaka" (UNDEF)

▪ Responsible for follow-up with the Lebanese associations with the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform

▪ Program Manager Project Lebanon tomorrow in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation

▪ Coordinate fieldwork related to the Corporate Governance project.

▪ Coordinate fieldwork related to the Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC).

Training and Research April 1988-to date

 Publication of a Decent Work Reference Guide in Arabic (June 2021)

 Preparing a field study on the reality of social protection and the effects of the economic and financial collapse on the labor market in Lebanon (April 2021), support by LOWER and Oxfam

 Preparation of a report on violations of M-community workers. Appointed to work for the LOWER and Helem Society, with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, March 2021

 Planning and supervision of the survey of manpower and institutions affected by the Beirut port explosion on 4 August 2020 financed by Oxfam Lebanon (September 2020)

 A Guide on the most important provisions of Labor Arbitration Councils in Lebanon (May 2020), Support by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung -Foundation-Lebanon

 A study on the conditions of Labor Arbitration Councils in Lebanon (March 2020) Support by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung -Foundation-Lebanon

 Completion of a study and report about the violation of Labor laws and National Social Security Fund by the Commercial Sector in the Greater Beirut area, in collaboration with LOWER and RosaLuxembourg. (January 2019)

 Enact a policy paper on transparency and good governance in the waste management sector in collaboration with Nahnoo. (November 2018)

 Advocacy campaign with members of Parliament to enact laws on transparency in the Oil and Gas sector in collaboration with LTA. (August 2018)

 A quantitative and qualitative study about Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and other workers, decent work standards, minimum standards of work in addition to formal and informal work in the services sector and the food and beverages sector commissioned by ALERT international and Lebanese Labor Watch. (February 2018)

 A qualitative study about street children in the greater Beirut area was commissioned by ASMAE and the ALPHA association. (August 2017)

 Facilitator in the foundation of the (AIN) network for integrity in the Arab world commissioned by NED and LTA. (July 2017)

 A quantitative and qualitative study about Syrian and Lebanese workers, decent work standards and minimum standards of work commissioned by Oxfam and Lebanese Labor Watch. (2017)

 Preparing a guide for employers in the Bekaa Governorate on the internal regulations of the labor institutions and the minimum standards for work and decent work commissioned by Oxfam (March 2017).

 Training municipalities to formulate strategic plans commissioned by Oxfam, a project funded by the European Union (January and February 2017).

 Implementing a field study on transparency in waste for the benefit of the Lebanese Transparency Association with the support of NED (February 2017)

 Completion of a study about the violation of Labor laws and National Social Security Fund by the private sector in collaboration with LOWER and Diakonia - Sweden. (March 2017)

 Preparing an educational guide for teachers and vocational, technical and university education on the Lebanese labor law and social security law for the benefit of the Lebanese Observatory for the rights of workers and staff members in Lebanon) December 2016).

 Prepare a guide on writing and project management of civil society organizations working on the accountability of the World Bank projects in the Middle East in favor of the Bank Information Center in Washington (December 2016).

 Training expert within the project for the benefit of Oxfam, DPNA, Arc En Ciel supported and funded by EU (2016 -2017)

 Training Syrian activists on transparency, good governance and transitional justice in cooperation between LTA (Lebanese Transparency Association), support by FNF (Friedrich Nauman Foundation)

 Researcher with TI (Transparency International) and LTA, Humanitarian Aid Integrity Program (HAIP), Kenya. (2016)

 Researcher in social accountability with NGO Development Center and Care international, Egypt (October 2015)

 Associate Member of the Amman conference of social accountability, which was held at the invitation of CARE Egypt and the support of the World Bank (2015)

 Facilitator with Kawakibi Democracy Transition Centre, Tunisia for financial control of political life (2014)

 Facilitated and participated and trained in designing the work-plan of the Civic Forum in South Lebanon.
 ▪
 Associate member and service provider in the Istanbul conference of social accountability, which was held at the invitation of Hayat Destek Derneği /Support To Life - Istanbul, Turkey of and with the support of World Bank(2013)
 Associate Member of the Cairo conference of social accountability, which was held at the invitation of CARE Egypt and the support of the World Bank (2010)

• Training of Arab civil society organizations’ members on fighting corruption and reporting according to the UNCAC, and building networks among them and other international, regional, and local organizations. Yemen, 2009.

 Training of the Iraqi Commission for Public Integrity and the Iraq Foundation on ways to fight corruption and build networks in partnership with TI, 2008.

 Training facilitators for the Youth Civil Society and Leadership program on ways to recruit and attract young leaders, 2008.

 Trainer for the Civic Forum in South Lebanon on conflict resolution in partnership with UNICEF, 2006-2007.

 A study on social relations in the village of Riak, 2004.

 Training secondary school teachers on the new interactive ways to present the material of Economy and Sociology courses. The educational center for research and development, 19982002.
 Research on the conditions of education in mid-Bekaa. Patriarchy of the Melkite Roman Catholics, 2000.
 Contributed to a study on emigration from Ain el Mrayseh. Ministry of Foreign affairs and emigrants, 1996.
 Participated in research on the behavior of football fans conducted by the Lebanese University, 1996.
 Contributed to a study on social relations in Ain el Mrayseh. Lebanese University-Social Sciences Institute, 1996.
 Participated in research conducted on social relations of the immigrants in Beirut. Lebanese University- Social Sciences Institute, 1996.
 Conducted research on the mixed marriages between guys from the gulf and girls from East Asia and their effects on spinsters’ rates, 1995.
 Participated in research on the worker’s conditions in Lebanon conducted by the Hiring National Commission (Ministry of Labor), 1994.
 Participated in two pieces of training conducted in Tunisia and Rome by CISL (Mediterranean Partnership) on the cooperation of syndicates in the Mediterranean countries, 1992.
 Bridging divide among young syndicalists with different religious backgrounds, a project by Friedrich Ebert in 1988.

Lebanese University Beirut, Lebanon

▪ Ph.D. Thesis Title: “Individual Economic Relations in Multi-Confessional Societies.”
▪ The dissertation is an attempt to answer the question of whether economic relations in Lebanon exist among individuals belonging to different communities. The hypothesis assumes that economic relations in Lebanon are governed by instinctive sectarian impulses rather than by a genuine economic rationale. The study offers an overview and analysis on major companies and their relations taking sectarianism as an independent variable and economic relations as the dependent variable.


▪ The labor force survey and institutions affected by the port of Beirut 2020 explosion
▪ Forms of labor arbitration councils' provisions in Lebanon (2020)
▪ Study the conditions of male and female workers in the commercial sector in Greater Beirut (2018)
▪ Handbook "Labor Rights and Issues for Activists in Civil Society Organizations" (2017)
▪ Assistant Manual on Labour and Social Security Vocational and Technical Education Professors (2016)
▪ “A Report on the Corruption in the Arab Region” (To be published by ARPAC)
▪ “Political, Economic and Social Corruption” (Yemen: HRITC, 2009).
▪ “The Ethics of Civil Society Activists” (Yemen: HRITC, 2009).
▪ “Youth against Corruption” (Beirut: Lebanese Transparency Association and Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, 2008).
▪ “Civil Forums Guide” (Beirut: Lebanese Transparency Association, 2008).
▪ “Practical lessons for economy courses” (Beirut: Educational Institute for research and development, 2000).
▪ “Emigration from Zoukak el Balat” (Beirut: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, 1996).
▪ “Syndical Leadership in Lebanon” (Beirut: Friedrich Ebert, 1996).
▪ Magazine Articles: A series of articles published in the Lebanese magazine “Al Iktisad wal Imar” 1996-1997.

Selected Conferences Speeches & Presentations

▪ Joint workshop between USAID, Y.A.B, and Mercy Corps, 2009.
▪ “Roundtable on the judicial system in Lebanon,” Civil Liberties’ Defense Association “Adel” 2009.
▪ “Strengthening the role of CSOs,” Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform, 2009.
▪ “Strengthening the participation of the disabled,” USAID and Mercy Corps, 2009.
▪ “Social and Psychological effects of sexual harassments on children,” Ministry of Social Affairs and Kafa, 2008.
▪ “The CSOs needs,” roundtable discussions organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and UND, 2008.
▪ “Role of the Youth in Fighting Corruption,” Youth Civil Society and Leadership Program, 2007.
▪ “Media in the Arab Region,” Arab Media Committee of the Arab Workers International Union, 1993.
▪ “Evaluation of the Arab Syndical Work,” Tunisian General Union for Work Conference, 1992.


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